Airbnb in Australia: A Unique Way to See the Country [+ Room Photos]


So far during our travels, Australia has been our most expensive destination. Before we decided to go, we talked about the things we wanted to see but we met some Australians and some non-Australians that strongly recommended us to do our road trip along the East Coast. The idea was to see nature; the beautiful coast and beaches, different landscapes, wild animals. We were also excited to try some nice, new food and specialties.

One of the coolest Airbnbs in Australia:  A farmhouse in Applethorpe.

One of the coolest Airbnbs in Australia: A farmhouse in Applethorpe.

And so, we took a plane to Sydney, rented a car for a month and set up for our next big adventure. We decided on a car instead of a camper van because it would be cheaper when combined with budget accommodations. This meant we were going to try out Airbnb in Australia!

What is Airbnb + the pros and cons

Airbnb is a great way for travelers to visit expensive destinations without spending a bunch of money. You can choose anything from a bedroom with a shared bathroom to renting a whole apartment. A night, a month, whatever is available. Some even offer breakfast and even when they don’t, you’ll normally have access to a kitchen and can save a lot of money by preparing your own meals. Some owners will even let you bring your pet .

Our Airbnb room in Coolum Beach.

Our Airbnb room in Coolum Beach.

Staying in an Airbnb also has the advantage to let you stay in the middle of a popular and expensive city for an affordable price, as well as experiencing other unusual living spaces like a caravan or a farm house. At the same time, when booking a shared accommodation with your host, it becomes a great opportunity to learn more about the surroundings and to get tips from the locals.

So far, it sounds like the Airbnbs are the way to go but just like anything else, it has its pros and cons. The biggest downside is that in many cases you won’t get what you were expecting. The room itself might not be as nice or spacious as the pictures on the website or the location might not be on the best neighborhood.

An other downside is having only partial privacy. You could book a whole studio or apartment if available but the cheaper option will always be renting a room with a shared bathroom and shared common spaces. It could be only you and the owners or you and others guests when it’s a big house with extra rooms for rent.

Our Airbnb in Hervey Bay.

Our Airbnb in Hervey Bay.

You might also have a problem with the hosts. They might not have the manners you expected or they might not give you the freedom you want while in their houses. For example, some hosts won’t allow smoking or the use of their washing machine or house appliances. It always varies but you should be able to read about it in their profile before booking.

A lot of these inconveniences can be avoided

How to pick the best Airbnb in Australia 

Always do a thorough read of the details and house rules written by the host. This way there will be less unpleasant surprises. Also, consider the amounts of reviews and the positive comments they’ve gotten to have an idea of where you’re going and whom you’ll meet.

Look for 'super hosts' when filtering Airbnbs in Australia. These are hosts which meet certain standards and have plenty of experience with guests in their house.

After booking, make sure you establish contact with the host and have him or her give you instructions on what to do when you arrive.

Be open minded and respectful. Just keep in mind that these are other people’s houses. Different people have different decorating styles and habits. The only thing we’re picky about is the cleanliness of the room and shared spaces, which normally isn’t a big problem. We always clean what we make dirty, try to be organized with our things and leave everything that isn’t ours in its place.

Keep in mind that hosts are allowed to leave a review of their guests as well. They can also cancel your booking request depending on what other hosts have said about you. The perfect Airbnb is the one where both parties are mindful and respectful.

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Our Airbnb experience in Australia

I have to say that being our first trip using Airbnb, we were pleasantly surprised with using Airbnb in Australia. At first, it was always a bit awkward coming into a stranger’s house but later we understood that most of those people love meeting travelers and are sometimes travelers themselves! In most cases they do it to earn some extra money and are just happy to be able to rent their extra room.

Honestly, we weren’t expecting to learn so much about Australia and its people. You could say that meeting all those people and being in their homes, gave us a new understanding on humanity and the world.

Using Airbnb in Australia allowed us to experience local life and hear interesting stories on how they got there, why they were there and how life in Australia really is. In some cases, we also got great tips on where to go and what to visit during our stay.

We loved Airbnb in Australia and hope our hosts loved having us as well.

Special thanks to Rob, probably the best Airbnb host in Australia! Check out the room he offers on Airbnb.



And Suzie the cat.

And Suzie the cat.

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