I Took Some Time Off From Photography [And Bought A GoPro Hero 7]


We’re on the verge of another epic journey. We’ve been staying in the same place for a few months now. First the Dominican Republic and then Belgium but the next stage of our journey is coming close now, Next week we leave for Bogota, Colombia. We’ve been able to recharge our batteries so we’re totally excited to see a new part of the world but not before a quick stop in Miami, Florida. Joanna has family here and almost all cheap flights from Europe go to Miami first. So, easy decision.

I’m going to make videos about photography!

For our trip to South America, I’ve also decided to explore new creative territories. I’ve bought a GoPro Hero 7 and I’m planning to use it… a lot. I launched my YouTube channel last year, before we left Belgium, but it’s been in a coma to say the least. That’s going to change! I want to do some new things and video is going to be one of them.

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Here’s the first new video on my YouTube channel. I know, it’s not much—just some playing around with the GoPro but it’s the first of many. I’ve been testing the GoPro Hero 7 and so far, I love the little thing. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything. It’s going to be mainly about photography and my photographic journey around the world…

There are so many traveling photographers out there but they’re all doing the same—exactly the same. Photography is getting boring like that, honestly. It’s all about gear and gathering followers but we’re forgetting what it’s all about—the image. Telling stories through photos. Creating a compelling photograph. Making great photos.

I’m going to focus on that. Just like in my books, I want to focus on image making and not gear, camera settings or technical details… Join me if you have the same vision!

VideoJoris Hermans