I've Launched my Online Photography Workshop and Community!


I've been photographing for more than ten years and even more today than in the early years. We've been on the road for a year now and I've learned more than when I was studying photography or working over the past 10 years. Setting of on a journey, traveling and exploring is probably the best decision I've ever made... and I'm still on the road photographing the world.

Varanasi, india.

Varanasi, india.

Photography workshop on Patreon

But I also love educating people so they can grow their own creativity. I've written a few e-books about my photography and I'm writing for a few photography websites. The thing is, I love teaching and sharing how I work, what I know and what I've learned myself but I hate the idea of charging for it.

However, time has value (for all of us) and I decided it was time to transition what I've learned and know from years of experience to something new. Enter my Patreon page. For those who aren't familiar with it. Patreon is an easy way for those interested in my work to see exclusive content and learn about my work and photography.

Take a look at my page here… https://www.patreon.com/theworldaheadofus

By contributing as little as $3 per month, patrons – that's what subscribers are called- will enable me to dedicate more of my time to creating photography by helping cover the many costs incurred from my work. Of course, you’ll get a lot in return. I'll share everything about my photography, how I work and run my business and website. A database of exclusive content that will keep growing…

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Prints available on Saatchi Art.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Prints available on Saatchi Art.

Photography, marketing and behind the scenes

E-Books about photography are great but everything goes so fast these days that I actually should be update them every month. Patreon will solve that problem hopefully because I can teach, share and write about photography and my business in real time. I will keep adding information about my photography but also about how I run my photography business and blog/website. And what about making money from photography? Well, I'll even share the numbers, google analytics and much more... like behind the scenes videos and other exclusive content.

Should I call it an ongoing online photography workshop? I guess so, right...?

An interactive photography community

Anyway, there's more. Patrons will be able to interact with each other and me by posting themselves on my Patreon page. Questions, photos, information,... I hope we can create an interesting community of like-minded people: Photographers, travelers, explorers and even fans of my photography or photography in general. Patrons are able post photos for comments and critiques so they can grow their creativity.

At the moment of writing, I’m exploring the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

At the moment of writing, I’m exploring the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Bottom line is: It's all about learning, talking photography and connecting, so I need you to make it a success. I know it looks empty know but hey, we've got to start somewhere, right? How the platform will evolve is also entirely up to you because it’s interactive. Take a look at what I'm offering on my Patreon page and give it a try…

If you subscribe and don't like it, just cancel again and that's it... you'll lose $3 or $5 at the most but I’ll still send you one of my e-books for free...

Sounds like something? See you there! Even if it’s just to support my work… Highly appreciated!