Photo Prints For Sale: Volcanic Landscapes of Indonesia

I just love the red and brown tones of that sunrise over Mount Bromo!

I just love the red and brown tones of that sunrise over Mount Bromo!

*Update* I’ve decided to move my print store to More on why later…

I’ve added three volcanic landscapes to my Society6 print store but this is without a doubt my favorite one. Every time I look at this picture I can’t stop thinking of Mars or some undiscovered alien planet.

I’m selling a few prints on Superfine Prints too!

And watching photos on a screen is great but absolutely nothing beats a nice photography art print on your wall. I want to see prints of photographs because only then they really come alive. To be able touch a printed photograph is why I shoot and this will be no different with the best shots from our trip. Now, I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to printing my photos in order to sell them: I only print on paper. No printing on canvas or metal… that’s too fancy and takes away a lot of the personality of a photograph. Well, for me anyway… Paper is the way to go!

Why buy travel photography or photojournalism prints?

Most people buy abstract fine art photography or landscapes we’ve seen way too many times to hang on their wall but what’s wrong with some epic shots from around the world? I like photography and photojournalism photo prints more than anything else because the photos have a story and that adds so much value to the image… And there’s no better way to support a photographer’s work.

I’m going to put more photos from our trip up for sale in the future but for now I added these three volcanic landscapes; all from Indonesia. Do let me know what you like to hang on your wall in the comments: landscapes, portraits, street photography… Or even better, if you see a specific photo on our blog or my website and you want to buy it, let me know and I’ll add it to our store! It’s the best way to support my work and our blog.

*Update* I’ve decided to move my print store to More on why later…

Where to buy my photo prints?

Now, Because we’re constantly on the move I can’t handle the printing myself, which I honestly don’t like because I don’t have full control but the prints from Society6 are superb and I gladly let them take care of my photo prints for now.

Photo print quality

Society6 creates gallery quality giclée photo prints and they even come with a frame if you want. My advice though, is to just buy the print and then pick a frame yourself so you’ll have more options. Here are the specifications of the photo prints:

Gallery quality Giclée prints

  • Natural white, matte, ultra smooth background

  • 100% cotton, acid and lignin-free archival paper

  • Epson K3 archival inks for high-quality print

  • Custom trimmed with 1” border for framing

Oh, and if you’re into graphic design then make sure to check out the Thai Constellation of Food we’ve designed. It’s different but looks cool.

The new photo prints for sale

Mighty Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo at sunrise. We had to get up at 3am and hike for an hour to one of the viewpoints along Penanjakan Hill. Then we waited for an hour in the freezing cold but the whole ordeal was totally worth it when we saw the out of this world sunrise over the volcanos…

Kawah Ijen

Ijen is another famous volcano on Java and for a specific reason: Blue flames. We had to leave in the middle of the night to make the hike to the crater because only then you can see the blue flames. Now, it sounds cool but those blue flames were actually disappointing and the crater was so overcrowded that it was dangerous to make the descend. But the sunrise, again made everything right. We decided not to stay down in the crater and head back to the top early so we wouldn’t miss it…

Berastagi Sunset

The town of Berastagi in Sumatra is known for Mount Sibayak. This was the first volcano we climbed and we loved it but also the town itself looked beautiful too. The colors we saw at sunset from the balcony of our guesthouse…

Berastagi Sunset Print.

Berastagi Sunset Print.