Postcards From The Dominican Republic: Motorcycles


The Dominican Republic is great. My girl is Dominican as some of you know and it’s such a beautiful country. Beaches, mangroves, caves, friendly people and delicious food. Everything’s there to have a good time. Last time we visited, we spent two months there, so plenty of time to explore.

There’s one thing that I really enjoy doing in the Dominican Republic: Street photography. The streets are always busy and the weather’s great. In the evening, the light is perfect to shoot some good old street shots.


I took a lot of photos from the back of a car because it’s the most convenient way to get around and it’s perfectly possible to take some interesting photos from the car, when you’re sitting in the back. It’s just a matter of adapting and improvising.

So, I thought I should share some more shots now. I was going trough all my shots from the Dominican Republic and it seems like I’ve got a lot of photos of motorcycles. Just like in Asia, they’re everywhere and are the perfect subject for a little photo essay.


First book?

I also want to tell you about my plans for this year. There are a few projects I’m working on. First of all, I want to publish a book—and I don’t mean self-publishing one on Amazon like before. I want to find a publisher and publish a proper book with my photography. I’m mailing back and forth with some people so I’ll keep you posted!


Next trip

Our next trip is taking shape too. We’re going to South America and we’ll start in Bogota, Colombia. From there, we’ll head south to Chile and visit Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia on the way. It’s going to be interesting for sure. We’ll leave somewhen in the second half of March.


I’m confident my Patreon platform could be a success and something a lot of travelers and photographer can explore to get some valuable information. At the moment it’s difficult to get people there and convince them of the value it will have when there’s a lot of people who join the community. But I’m not giving up yet. I’m going to put some extra effort into my Patreon page.



I’ve noticed that behind-the-scenes videos are not only fun to make but they’re also helpful when I want to share how I work and travel. You can expect a lot more videos when we set off on our next trip to South America. I’m already testing a GoPro as we speak.

That’s it for now, guys… short update…