Travel Photography Gear: What's in my Camera Bag


One year of traveling—that’s what it took me to make my first YouTube video but it’s finally here. Now, I'm not into gear and I don’t buy new cameras or lenses that often. I’ve bought my camera around three years ago and I still love it. A lot of beginning photographers try to find the best camera for travel photography or the best lens but I have to say it once again: There’s no such thing.

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A lot of people think my camera is the wrong camera for travel photography but I love and in the end, that’s all that matters. If you want to buy a new camera, don’t let other people tell you what’s right for you. You should find out yourself, based on your personal style of photography. And a new camera won’t improve your photography.

Anyway—before this turns into a rant—in my first video, I’ll keep it simple. I’ll show you everything that’s in my camera bag and its content hasn’t changed since we set off on our journey more than one year ago. Sure, my camera is heavier than most but it just works for me at the moment. Check it out make sure to subscribe and hit the like button if you find it interesting and want to see more. In my next video, I’ll explain how to create a photo documentary by going over my own personal projects.

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