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 Hi, I’m Joris Hermans, Belgian documentary & travel photographer and founder of this blog and photography journal THE WORLD AHEAD OF US². Since my graduation from photography college in 2009, I’ve been combining freelance and personal work and in 2013, I followed a small NGO and production company to Africa, where I realized my first photo story.

Since then, I decided to devote myself entirely to photography using it as a means for discovery and story-telling. I started traveling and working on personal projects all over the world. My work has been recognized through several photography awards, among them the Nikon Press Photo Award and PDN World in Focus.

However, now, I felt it was time to do something different and I decided to share what I’ve learned over the past decade. In my books, I explain how I work in the field and what’s important to create compelling photos. All of my books are include tons of example photos and two of them even include my camera settings… And on my YouTube channel, you can take a look behind the scenes of my work…

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—Joris // 


without worrying about gear or camera settings.