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A new online platform for photographers


Hi! I’m Joris Hermans, documentary & world photographer and founder of The World Ahead Of Us². I’ve been traveling and photographing professionally for more than ten years. Take a look at my commissioned & personal work, awards and full biography here.

I'm still on the road today, photographing the world and traveling. I explore and photograph this planet to experience cultures, meet people and learn as much about this awesome rock we’re living on as I possibly can... so I can help you do the same.

I use my Patreon feed as a portal for amateur and (aspiring) professional photographers to access information about my work, ongoing photography content, and a new community. 

I decided to use because it’s a safe and controlled space where I can share a behind-the-scenes look at everything I do in my work, business and photography. At the same time, it’s a place to connect online with me, other photographers and like-minded people.

Not an explorer? Don’t worry, I invite all photographers to join: Street, landscape, portrait, photojournalism,… Even if you just want to talk about photography or ask feedback on your photographs. I’d love to see them!

Oh, and one last thing. Why ask for money? Well, time and work has value (for all of us) and I’m putting a lot of hard work in TWAOU². Subscribing is the best way support my work and I’ll make sure you’ll get a lot of valuable content and information in return.

Go and take a look or scroll down for more information…


Connect with like-minded people • This is more than an online travel photography course or workshop. Other online photography courses will leave you struggling once you’ve signed up not here. Once you subscribe, you’ll have access to all exclusive content and posts. You’ll be able to talk to me, other photographers and like-minded people. I’ll always be available to answer questions about your photos, travel, photography, editing, business or marketing.

Ongoing and up-to-date online content

Fresh content every week • Traditional online photography courses tell you what the learn. Not here. You decide what you want to learn and I’ll post new content every week. It’s totally up to you when you access my content and you can suggest topics. There’s no fixed course itinerary… you decide where you want to go.

Photo discussions

Post your photos and ask for feedback • The most valuable feedback comes from other photographers. Ask me or other patrons for comments.


Talk to me personally about your work and where it’s going • Subscribe for mentorship and we’ll video chat every two months to talk about your work. I’ll give you my opinion, feedback and advice where needed.

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Videos • Tips • Before & After Edits • Techniques



Why Patreon?

I love sharing about my work and teaching people so they can grow their own creativity and business but I don’t like traditional photography courses. They are too limited in both possibilities and time. That’s why I’ve created a platform on Patreon; to go beyond those old fashioned photography courses. It won’t be infested by ads or spammers and it’s interactive.

I’ll keep the content high quality and personal and you can access everything at your own pace. Login whenever you feel like it… and if you don’t like it anymore? Unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings.


What to expect from my online photography course, exclusive content and community…

• Details about my photography: Before & after edits, my gear and settings. How I work and enter competitions. Breakdowns of my favorite shots and how I make money from my photography online. Travel & photography.
• Exclusive content: Behind the scenes, photography, branding and marketing. Information on how we run and try to grow the website/blog and a photography business. SEO and online marketing. Interactive online course material. Travel and exploring the world.
• A photography community to share and connect: Connect with other photographers and like-minded people.
• Q&A: Do you have a question about Photoshop, my gear, my work or marketing your business/blog/website? Ask and you shall receive an answer!

If you’re looking for something more than a traditional online photography course than this is what you’re looking for. Content will always be up to date. I’ll be posting weekly and you’ll have a live behind-the-scenes look at everything I do. So, unlike photography books, this course will never be out of date.



Content examples…


Behind the scenes videos of my work, business and travels around the world.

Before & After edits

Do you have questions about editing or what I do in Photoshop?





Post-process & Marketing

Photoshop settings and marketing numbers. What’s better for travel, portrait or landscape?



FAQ - Want to join but still got questions?

Q: It doesn’t sound like a traditional online photography course. So, what is it?

A: When you join, you get access to my exclusive Patreon posts. I’ll post new content every week, about photography and my work. There’s no fixed course itinerary but the key word is ‘community’. Interaction between me and members and members between themselves is what makes this a unique photography course and workshop platform. I’ll make sure everyone who joins is thoughtful and respectful.

You’ll get a look behind the scenes of my work and I’ll share and teach you what I know. I’m also always available to answer any questions you have about my work and photography.

If something’s not clear and you want to ask me personally, no problem. Contact me!

Q: Sounds good! How much?

A: You can join for as little as $3 / month at the moment. Canceling your subscription is possible at all times.

Q: I'm not really an advanced photographer, can I still take this course and join the ongoing workshops & community?

A: I only use the most basic features of my camera myself. This course and its content goes beyond how a camera works. Photography is about getting out there and taking photos, discussing composition and learning by practicing. The experience of photographing, traveling and exploring is much more important than knowing what every button on your camera does.

If you can focus and make a decent exposure most of the time, this course will take your photography to the next level.

 Q: How do I access the online course?

A: On your laptop, tablet, or mobile device… Patreon has also developed an awesome mobile app with community feature so you’ll be notified whenever there’s now content available. You decide when you want to be involved in discussions or read my posts. Not able to go online? All content will be waiting for you when you get back.

 Q: How do I pay? Are there options? Is it secure?

A: Patreon is a very safe and modern environment. You can join the course by paying with credit card or PayPal. 

Q: Not satisfied money back?

A: If you join the course but don’t like what you see and cancel within a week, I’ll give you back your money. No hard feelings!

Hope to see you there…
— Joris