Joris Hermans - Lightroom/Camera RAW Preset Pack

Joris Hermans - Lightroom/Camera RAW Preset Pack

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One zip file containing 12 .xmp files to use with Lightroom or Camera RAW.
!!! Make sure your version of Lightroom uses .XMP files !!!

What's up, guys! Finally, I've created a set of 12 of my personal favourite Lightroom and Camera RAW presets. I use these presets to edit 95% of my photos. However, every camera is different and every photo is different. Don't just apply one of these presets and think: 'That's it!'. I've created these presets as a base upon which you can build to create your own style of images.

These presets are perfected for my cameras and adjust mainly contrast and color settings. Therefor, make sure you always tweak the basic settings depending on the photo you're working with. Especially, Exposure, White Balance, Highlights, Shadows, Saturation, and the camera profile for your camera...

I hope you enjoy using these and let me know if you have any questions regarding my work or these presets!

Thanks for supporting my work,


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